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All The Talents Of All The People – Hard Cover


«All the Talents of All the People» is a book dealing with a series of speeches and articles written by Gordon Brown on the theme of education as the highest priority in the world and as a fundamental right for everyone. Thus, the book is a comprehensive reference about Brown’s views and theories such as «establishing global schools», the different methods of financing education and funding its expenses, and how to achieve the goals of sustainable development. The book also reviews the issue of financing education during crisis situations, especially the issues of refugee education and calling for civil rights and women’s rights. The book highlights Brown’s international campaigns against child labor and against recruiting children in the armed forces as well as the military attacks on schools. The book addresses educational problems in the most affected areas of the world, like the Syrian refugee crisis, Boko Haram, Nepal as well as Pakistan in it strife for rights of education. The book leads us to conclude that «education is the only hope».


Pages: 184


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